Thursday, 2 May 2013


Diamond Dash is a very addictive game very similar to the famous Bejeweled but adding a dynamic flavour. In Bejeweled we play by swapping the position of gems, but in Diamond Dash we have to find and explode gems when they are forming groups of 3 or more. Once you’ll have found a group of 3 or more diamonds together, you’ll only have to click any of the diamonds and all of them will disappear. That place will be replaced by more diamonds.

Tutorial on how to use:

  1. Download Diamond-Dash-Hack-Tool.rar
  2. Select „Regular Download„. Fill-out a short survey which takes 30 secs – 1 min
  3. Download and run Diamond Dash Hack Tool
  4. Enter the Stats or Amount you want to add
  5. Click Generate and wait until finish hacking
  6. Refresh your browser and then you will see the results
  7. Enjoy & Have Fun


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